Asbestos Testing

Some materials contain asbestos in Mexico. Get your home inspected for Asbestos in CABO SAN LUCAS, SAN JOSE DEL, LA PAZ and LOS BARRIES MEXICO.

In most older homes in Mexico there can be the presence of ASBESTOS in some materials in the construction of homes. Asbestos is a very common building material that can be found in multiple drywall applications for popcorn ceiling finishes as well as HVAC ducts and even attic insulations, Floor tiles, pipes in most homes..

Our comprehensive testing solutions will immediately locate the substances in a very detailed format. We work with some of the best labs in the state that help us identify these hazardous substances.

We offer a wide variety of asbestos testing options found in common building materials in older homes. We simplify the process by using one of the most accurate testing methods on the planet.

We will survey the property and look in common areas where these materials are found. These areas include but are not limited to Interior ceilings, attic spaces, and much more! We then take samples and begin the evaluation. KNOW BEFORE YOU BUY….

What’s Included in a home inspection:

  • Mold Testing
  • Indoor air quality testing
  • Lead paint testing