Pool Inspections

Pools can be a costly fix in Mexico. Get your pool inspected for possible underlying damages in CABO SAN LUCAS, SAN JOSE DEL CABO, LA PAZ and LOS BARRIES MEXICO.

At Homeinspection123.mx we are proud to offer our clients a complete Pool Inspection. Why do I need a Pool Inspection? Building a pool in Cabo San Lucas can be costly,and so can repairs. Most major pool parts are imported to Mexico. A certified Pool Inspection can save you thousands before you make your purchase. Be protected, be safe, always check major components and systems to give you peace of mind moving forward with your investment.

  • Solar Equipment
  • Advanced pool components such as pumps, filters, piping, electronics, timers, pool heaters and much more!
  • Equipment bonding standards which are an electrical practice that keeps the tenant safe from electrical impulses
  • Pool surface
  • Interior pool safety standards
  • Pool leak detection

And much more!